Stress & Anxiety

  • Healing Response Acupuncture has been an amazing part of my treatment for anxiety. I felt results during my first treatment session. The combination of herbal supplements and acupuncture have helped to greatly improve my mood and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend acupuncture for anyone struggling with anxiety.

  • I came to Amy with a myriad of stress related symptoms: anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, emotional distress, as well as long-standing shoulder, back and hip problems. From the very start, it seemed as though Amy knew just what to do to help. Amy has a wonderfully healing touch, made all the more so by her gentle, open, and gracious manner. With acupuncture and craniosacral therapy I’m experiencing less pain, am much more calm, and I’m sleeping through the night – I’m thrilled! The gua sha technique Amy uses on my shoulder has resulted in better range of motion and less pain than I have had in years. Thank you, Amy!

    ~Jen T